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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Hopefully I've answered it below! Hover over each box for the answers to be revealed.


Where are you located & can I come to the shop?

A Sugary Cloud is a home bakery  located in the Yalesville section of Wallingford, CT 06492. We have recently relocated here from New London after being in business there for 3 years. We do not have a physical location to visit except for order pickups.

How do I place an order?

To start the order process, fill out the form on my Contact page to find out if your date is available and if your order is something I can accommodate. I will get back to you to confirm details and have you fill out a full detailed order form.

Every cake design is unique and that is what makes your cake special. I welcome you to send photos of designs you like and look through my galleries for inspiration. When it comes time to design the cake I will take inspiration from these designs and create a one of a kind cake.

Can you replicate or copy another cake design?

Do you use fondant or make fondant toppers?

The cake you receive will be covered and filled with my highly renowned American Buttercream. I do not cover cakes in fondant and the only toppers you will find are Unicorn Horns and Ears, and an occasional rainbow. Any other fondant toppers have been purchased from other creators.

Can you sculpt me a cake?

Looking for a character, vehicle, or other design involving sculpting and fondant? Unfortunately you are in the wrong spot. Though I do know some great options for you. The only thing you will find me sculpting is a half circle!

Do you offer any vegan, dairy free, or gluten free options?

Vegan and Dairy Free cakes are some of my favorites to make as they are extra soft due to the ingredients used. Most all flavors can be made in these ways, just ask! At this time I do not offer any gluten free cakes, but I do make macarons which are gluten free by nature.

What's the difference between layers and tiers?

Each standard cake comes with 3 layers of cake and two layers of filling inside. If you opt for a tall double barrel there are 4 layers of cake inside instead. Then you have the option of doing multiple tiers which means two or more cakes stacked on top of each other; ex: 4 inch on top, 6 inch next, 8 inch on the bottom.

I have an allergy, are you able to accommodate it?

I am not an allergen free kitchen or home so I would require to know more about your specific situations. However, depending on the severity I can accommodate allergies. Please note that cross contamination is always a possibility and I cannot guarantee the item will be fully allergen free.

This cake is big, how do I cut it?

Please don't feel intimidated, the cakes are actually so simple to cut! All you'll need is a long knife and a cutting board or large plate. Please see the Cake Care Page for a diagram.

What forms of payment do you accept?

To pay for your cake, we accept Venmo, Cash App, Zelle or Google Pay. Or if you don't have any of those I can send you a PayPal invoice however there will be a small processing fee added.

When are payments due?

Full payment is due at the time of purchase when we have finalized all details and I have sent your invoice. Deposits and gradual payment plans are an option on a case by case basis. Your payment secures your date and cake details so I will not take another order in that slot. Please ask if you would like more details.


When should I start planning for my wedding?

Congratulations! You have a lot on your plate so let's get started right away. If you've started putting ideas together and have a design, flavors, and guest count in mind then we're ready to begin. Make sure to visit my Wedding page and gallery , then send me an inquiry to get started.

Do you offer tastings?

A bit of cake is always a good thing! I offer tasting boxes multiple times a year starting in January, typically on a bi monthly basis, but not throughout the whole year. These boxes are preselected and must be preordered. You may order a box whether or not you are getting married.

Can I pick up my wedding cake?

I always recommend that you have your wedding cake delivered and setup by me, that way you and I both know that the cake will arrive as it is supposed to be. Things can happen on the road and I am thoroughly equipped to handle or fix any issues that may arise.

Where can I find more wedding cake info?

Head over to my Terms & Conditions page for more information regarding the policies of having A Sugary Cloud create your special celebration cake.


Can I have my cake delivered?

Depending on your location I am happy to deliver and in many cases it is preferred due to the size of your cake.

When can I pickup or have my cake delivered?

Cake pickups and deliveries are prescheduled based on your event date and my schedule. I offer pickup on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and delivery is available only on Saturdays.

Do you ship?

Though it would be amazing to get a treat in the mail, unfortunately the Cottage Food Laws in CT do not permit delivery of my food items.

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