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Little girl enjoying her smash cake session , balloon garland and sprinkle cake in pinks and blue

No matter the cake you are looking for, I am sure you will find the right flavor below. Within the list you will find classics everyone enjoys, customer favorites, and a few newly curated cake flavors which I'm really excited about.

Let your taste buds do the talking.


Classic Vanilla

Buttery vanilla cake with creamy vanilla buttercream.

Classic Chocolate

Rich chocolate cake with creamy vanilla buttercream.

Sprinkle Surprise

Cake batter flooded with sprinkles and vanilla buttercream.

Milk & Cookies

Crushed Oreo and Chocolate Chip Cookie cake with vanilla buttercream.

Peanut Butter Cup

Rich chocolate cake with thick peanut butter buttercream.

Valentine Velvet

Soft red velvet cake paired with strawberry buttercream.


Confetti Cookie Dough

Vanilla sprinkle cake layers with edible chocolate chip cookie dough filling and vanilla buttercream.

Sparkling Strawberry

Light strawberry cake infused with champagne with vanilla buttercream.

Bees Love Lavender

Honey Lavender cake layers filled with honey buttercream.

Raspberry Dream

Soft almond cake layers filled with raspberry preserves and a whipped white chocolate ganache buttercream.

Lemon Blackberry

Vanilla cake alternately filled with lemon curd and blackberry preserves and vanilla buttercream.

Rose Gold

Caramel cake with rosewater buttercream with/without salted caramel filling.

(I'd choose with!!)

Signature / Seasonal

Rainbow Layers

Six cake layers colored in your rainbow of choice with vanilla buttercream.

Traditional, neon, pastel, custom colors...


See something that sounds delicious? Most flavors can be made Vegan! Please contact me and specify your flavor choice for confirmation.

Apple Cider Donut - Fall Only

The #1 Fall favorite! Apple cider & spice infused cake layers crusted with cinnamon sugar, and with vanilla buttercream.

Blue cake with pink buttercream swirls on top, sprinkles, and edible butterflies

Which cake flavor will you choose?

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